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To provide mainstream education to orphan children in Afghanistan

Mission Statement of Hayat Orphanage

To provide mainstream education to orphan children in Afghanistan. To provide medical care, food and clothing to orphans.


To promote good ethics that supports tolerance, justice, fairness, and humanity.


To protect the vulnerable orphan children from extremism and exploitation.
To provide a safe environment where they can learn and grow, where there is security of food, care for their health, and where they are respected, listened to, and their needs are met.


To facilitate sport activities such as football, cricket, and cycling etc.
and in order to distance the.


To tackle poverty by empowering orphan children with good education so they can sustain themselves and their families in the long term.

What we do

Hayat Orphanage provides an oasis of hope for orphan children. The Orphanage was opened in March 2014 and is located in the centre of Laghman Province, Afghanistan.
We work with vulnerable orphan children in Laghman, Afghanistan.


Hayat Orphanage cares for over 100 orphan children, 30 of whom are residential and the remaining 70 are supported in their respected homes. Kids are admitted to the local private school and receive tuition in maths, English and computer skills as after-school programs. They have a fun-filled schedule incorporating playing Cricket, Football, reading time and academic trips. State schools are a disgrace and standard unimaginably low, teacher no show is rampant.



Enroll children into private school and pay their fees

Pay for their healthcare needs

Pay financial allowance of £40 to those orphans who live with their families to support their single mothers and/or orphan siblings

Buy them books, pens and other stationary

Pay for their food, clothing, shoes, etc

We are working to extend our services in Pakistan. We aim to support orphan girls as they are the most disadvantaged class of society.

This extraordinary orphanage has always depended on charitable support to give seriously vulnerable children the best chance to fulfil their potential. A better future for orphan children starts here.
  • £10 could pay for school fee for the whole month
  • £20 could pay for healthcare and food for a month
  • £40 could pay for all essential needs of the orphan’s family for the whole month, supporting single mothers and young children.
Your support means children are protected from abuse and neglect and will attain literacy, numeracy and computer skills Without your support these orphans would be on the streets making a living for the family and deprived of education.

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    Laghman, Afghanistan