Hayat Orphanage provides an oasis of hope for orphan children. The Orphanage was opened in March 2013 and is located in the centre of Laghman Province, Afghanistan.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help 2000 orphans around the world

Afghanistan is home to a staggering 2 million orphans, children that have lost the breadwinner of the family. Currently we care for 100 orphans at our centre and due to the huge demand for our services we aim to support 2000 children.

Orphans are provided with education, lodging, food, clothes, medication, schoolbooks, shoes etc. The main focus of Hayat Orphanage is to give these vulnerable children a mainstream education and enable them to provide livelihood for their families when they grow up.


Orphans are admitted to the local private school and receive tuition in maths, English and computer skills as after-school programs. They have a fun-filled schedule incorporating playing Cricket, Football, reading time and academic trips.


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